Friday, February 15, 2008

My count!

The feeders are well-stocked with the latest from the bird pantry. Tally sheets in hand, binocs firmly planted next to coffee cup on table--we begin.
It's Day 2 of the 4-day GBBC.
And although I won't be sitting and counting for this entire time, I'll be sure to practice my counting skills whenever able.
And not just on the birds.

Mary at Mary's View has given me the "You Make My Day" award--how did she know this pat on the back would be so perfectly timed?
I've been finding my blogging a challenge these days, especially with some newly acquired technology and different sites I'm adapting to--for me it's become more cumbersome, unlearning my previous, easy ways, while learning the new.
And until the learning catches up, I silently say, "Phew!" and breathe a sigh of relief to see it posted as I'd like.
The thought comes full circle, though, when responses come back--and I find I've made someone's day!

These bloggers make mine:
1. Jennifer at A Passion for Nature always has the loveliest photos--she's a pro--they're lovingly composed.
2. Diane at Alberta Postcards shows the western side of Canada--wild, beautiful--a great escape for me.
3. Caroline at Crayons is an artist. Her view in crayon drawings is amazingly insightful.
4. Lisa at Greenbow seems like a neighbor (in Indiana)--and it's nice to compare across the state.
5. T.R. at From the Faraway, Nearby always has great encouraging comments and captures some thoughtful places in his travel. A wise soul.
6. Mojoman at Moosehill Journal is a thinker. I carry his thoughts long after reading his posts.
7. Christine at Possumlady Place has a heart for all animals--in her sweet observations there is love.
8. Sandpiper sees the world in beautiful pictures. Always a treat for my soul.
9. Marvin at Three Steps Forward enjoys his land and shares his love of it and all things in it with much detail.
10. Kate at Kate Smudges always has pretty flowers and a happy spirit. I feel good there.

If you're "game," pass this on to 10 who, through blogging, make your day.
Whether it's by their inspiration or encouragement, it's a way to say, "Thanks for what you do!"

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Jennifer said...

Oh Nina... You SOOO make MY day with your thoughtful and beautiful blog. Thanks for tipping your hat to me. That means a lot to me.

P.S. Those snowflake photos are stunning! (in a different post)

Sandpiper said...

Thank you very much, Nina! A day with Nina's beautiful writing and pictures is like a day without sunshine!

kate said...

Hi Nina,

You make my day with your beautiful writing and photographs. Thanks for passing it onto me. That definitely makes my day!

Crayons said...

Hi Nina,
Thanks for the plug! I love coming to your site because it just radiates positive energy.

Diane said...

Nina, Blogger just blew up my last set of comments so if this is a duplicate, please do delete one of them.

I was trying to say thank you for including me in this lovely award -- you are I are exchanging them this week aren't we! I am honoured you have chosen my blog. It's always such a pleasure to visit here.

Warmly, Diane
Alberta Postcards
Diane's Flickr photos

ncmountainwoman said...

If you've found your blogging a challenge, you certainly made it transparent to us. The blogs have certainly been wonderful.

I especially liked the "Icy morn." You are so correct that while we look forward to spring, we will definitely remember the crisp air, crunchy walks, and tracks in the snow.

You have become my favorite blogger. Your entries are interesting and the photographs are great. You are a welcome respite from all the politics and controversy we seem to find everywhere. Like a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning you awaken us to the day. Thanks for keeping us grounded.

Mary said...

Dear Nina, I'm so glad you gave a pat on the back to your faves. As far as having difficult times composing posts, I understand! Whenever I visit you, however, I feel the words roll right off your tongue with ease. The photos are always complimentary. Keep doing what you're doing. You're fabulous.

I'm counting, too. Today is day one for me.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nina, thank you so much for the award. You certainly make my day.
I hate to hear you are so stressed over blogging. Just relax. You are doing a marvelous job. What you do is worth waiting for so if you need time...take it. We don't want a burn out here.

Kathiesbirds said...

So glad you are counting birds this weekend. It'll be so fun to see what we all comeup with! I'll check out the Blogs you recommend after the GBBC. Right now I need to get back to counting birds! 15 species so far at my house alone!

Q said...

Dear Nina,
So glad you are counting too.
Your posts are always inspiring.
Thank you for taking the time and sharing your world, your words and your photographs.

possumlady said...

Thank you Nina! It is truly an honor to get this thanks from someone whose writing I admire greatly.

T.R. said...

Thank you Nina! You've made my day. You definitely set the benchmark for quality writing and images and I am honored to have been included by you among these estimable group of fellow bloggers. The way you celebrate the beauty and simplicity of nature is always an inspiration and moves me to see the world through your eyes. You are a gift.

Sandpiper said...

It was pointed out to me on my blog that I needed to come and check my comment above. I had to read it twice over before I caught my mistake! ;-) Of course, Nina, you know that I love your writing and sometimes my fingers type faster than my brain!!! ;-) It's true that your writing adds sunshine to my day! Thanks so much for sharing. And thanks to "cestoady" for pointing out my typo!!

Pellice said...

This is my first year participating in the GBBC, and I gained an immediate benefit. On my third trip to my most local body of water (an old dam) I found a couple of ducks that I had previously not seen in my townhome association territory. I wonder how much more I would see were I walking out every day instead of working out on my treadmill? And, yet, the treadmill makes it a much surer thing that I am getting in the amount of exercise I want/need to get in.

MojoMan said...

Thank you so much, Nina, for putting me on your list of favorite blogs. I find it interesting that 3 or 4 on your list are blogs I also read frequently. I look forward to exploring the others you mention. If you like them, there must be something there worth seeking.

Not only does your blog brighten my day, but your comments on mine help make the whole endeavor so much more rewarding. I certainly understand what you mean about blogging rough patches. Don't try too hard. I'm sure you read Julie Zickefoose's remarks about fixating on the NBN ratings. (Congrats on being so high up there!) Just be yourself and let the posts come when they are ready. Readers will love you for who you are.

nina said...

Thanks to all for such sweet and encouraging remarks.

There's always a battle within when it comes to learning something new. Our old ways are second nature--the new, take concentration.
It's the time to back up in order to go forward that always seems counter intuitive.

Getting the hang of the laptop mouse was the first step.
Now I have to figure out how to get all this organized in a useful way--it's like someone has been putting the dishes away in my kitchen. I'm trying to prepare a dinner for company and nothing's where it used to be!

Marvin said...

Thank you for the recognition, Nina. It means a lot coming from someone whose work I admire. You're blog is much more literary than mine will ever be.

I apologize for taking so long to acknowledge the recognition but I got way behind during some computer down time. I quickly gave up on catching up with reading past blog posts, but having slowing been working my way back through emails and trying to get back into the groove of making my own posts. Today I finally got back to the comment notification email where you mentioned this post.

Thanks again,