Monday, February 25, 2008

Bud vase

I recall the moment I spotted him—sitting in the grass, cross-legged, the summer heat shining strongly on his field. I had stopped for a moment to rest there, catch my breath, wipe my brow—reluctant to end my time outdoors, but wilting in the sunshine.

Out collecting images—as if picking blooms for a bouquet. Pictures to snip and crop, adjust or discard—arrange into an artful offering for others.
Finding each lovelier than the one before—my hands became full to overflowing.

He seemed unnecessary at the time—an extra, though his small size and spirited manner held me there watching him.
Perched at the edge of a single blade—his world.

Reserved for a day when he can stand alone—
to bring a smile that will melt winter snow.

Click on photo to enlarge!

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Nature Tales and Camera Trails said...

Memories of my butterfly meadow seeped into my thoughts while reading your delightful, suspense building post; wish it was not still in its snow covered state as it was when I wistfully visited there yesterday.

Your creative words often fill me with the thought... "..wish I had said that..".. I always find an enjoyable read when I visit here.

Lynne said...

A lovely read Nina.

Sandpiper said...

You lend such beauty to the simplest things with your words. So peaceful!

Old Wom Tigley said...

This looks like a tiny jumping spider...

April said...

I can't wait to see the spiders and insects again! Also love the green in your picture.

Mary said...

I enlarged the photo and shivered. Is that one of those spiders that can jump across a room without notice?

You can sure write!

Beth said...

Your posts always leave me feeling refreshed.

Cathy said...

Oh Nina!

I've fallen in love with these little guys. If you send him to Bug Guide- they'll give you a positive ID. I'm thinking those are 'pedipalps' held up front. Hmmm. Does that make him a boy?


greeny said...

I love these little guys.

ncmountainwoman said...

Lovely post, great ending. However, I can't figure out the title. Sorry, but could you explain?

nina said...

It reminds me sometimes of gathering flowers for a bouquet as I'm gathering images for a post. A large cluster of many are usually displayed together--but just one that is tender and separate, deserves a little glass bud vase as its holder.
My little spider image seemed to be just that.

SLW said...

Wonderful little guy! Is that 5 legs in front and 3 in back of the grass blade? Great balance...

ncmountainwoman said...

Of course. I get it now, and it is a perfect title. Thanks

mon@rch said...

Very cool spider! We just love this!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I could go for some of that sitting in the sun in a grassy field watching spiders right now. Whew, do you think we will ever thaw out?? I am beginning to wonder.

cestoady said...

Spiders are such facinating creatures,spinning silk-like threads, making webs, and having a bunch of eyes.

Cathy: I think the small, light, swollen parts nearest the head and between the outstreched, long,thin front legs ,are the pedipalps, which are described in this way in a source:
"Pedipalps are used by male spiders to transfer sperm to female spiders. In fact, you can usually distinguish a male spider from a female because of the male's enlarged pedipalps." So,it may well be a boy spider if indeed those pedipalps are judged to be enlarged.

Regardless if it be a boy or girl spider, it has brought me a smile, just in time to help melt our latest , and I hope , last snow. Fine post !!

Threadspider said...

Beautiful post, like a ray of sunshine. Thank you.

nina said...

Nature tails--it's the promise of another season in the butterfly garden that is one to hang onto!

Lynne--your long winters must have grown great patience in you?

Sandpiper--I'm always pleased when I can find beauty sitting right beside me.

wom--I think it is--though he was a sitting spider on this day!

April==the green works for me, too--I've missed my favorite color.

Mary--yes, that's one of them--but isn't he a welcome sight to fields of white and icicles? How can you not smile at him?

Beth--I'm glad!

Cathy--although I'm not a spider-lover in many instances--these small, feisty ones I find cute. Thanks for the link at an ID.

Greeny-me, too!

ncmountainwoman--thanks for the question--It lets me know if my thoughts are coming through ok--and that people are actually reading them! Sometimes I worry that pictures steal everyone's attention. Never a problem to ask!

slw--yep--he's a nimble fellow!

monarch--i like little things that turn and look back at me--isn't he sweet!

Lisa--me too! (as I sit watching more flakes fly!)

Cestoady--thanks for the info to all--glad the hope for a smile was a good one!

threadspider--yes--a bright spot in a snowy gray day--the power of positive thoughts!

Mel said...

Nice picture! Love your writing, it makes something so simple a beautiful experience!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful images, great narration of a delightful nature walk, with a wonderful "twist" at the conclusion.

Your blog is outstanding and I'm so glad you visited one of my blogs, which enabled me to discover yours! I shall return, often... Deb

Anonymous said...

Nina, more wonderful photos in several of these posts. Love the one of hte spider. Your tales of the day's strolls are always so enjoyable and calming.

I also enjoyed the words of Thoreau you had inserted in one of hte previous posts. Oh, and I hope your neighbour's husband is okay after being bitten by the racoon! Goodness. Thank you for such a potpourri of nature's delights.