Thursday, February 14, 2008

Leaving nothing but footprints

An overnight dusting of snow upon yesterday’s icy base—the perfect palette for prints.
I walked the short path, in the few spare minutes before work—imagining the unseen activities that had been recorded here.

In the distance, his mournful cry, the first I've heard since last summer's evenings.
Alone in the field, a penetrating chill.

The Red-shouldered hawk surveying the field from the large ash must find it easy to spot her prey—their tunnels in the grass, dark holes against the white snow.

The field is dotted with them—the scurrying feet never seen.

An impression left.
Dinner taken.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

Doesn't just make you wonder at what all we miss outside??

Mary said...

Lisa read my mind. I'd love to witness what goes on during the night and early morning hours. Your snow tracks help tell a little tale. Your observations are great, Nina.

Cheryl said...

Lovely post. Quiet, still and moving.

greeny said...

Hi, Nina.
Beautiful post.
I wanted to say I added your blog to my blogroll. I wanted my readers to experience your thoughts. Hope you don't mind.

Diane said...

Nina, the birds of prey like the Red shouldered hawk, are my favourite in the avian world. My dogs have learned when they see those perfect openings in the snow, what lies beneath. Have you noticed how the tracks they leave going in and out look just like zipper tracks?

I'm passing along an award to you. It's over at my site today if you care to stop by and pick it up.

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April said...

Lovely commentary on the prints you've seen. I wonder too what the stories are.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Lovely post again. I am enjoying all the snow as we did not get any this year. Lots of wildlife there. Happy Valentines today to you Nina.

Sandpiper said...

Great posting! This is all so familiar and could easily be my own backyard. RT Hawks, Sharp Shinned Hawks, and Merlins come swooping down to get a meal. Sometimes I just see the tracks of a scuffle with feathers and blood in the snow. Other times they stay and dine on their meal right there under the bird feeders. Sad to see the kills, but it's all part of nature.

mon@rch said...

I always love finding footprints in the snow! Sometimes they are easy to identify but other can be rough! But they do always tell some kind of story! Thanks for sharing!

nina said...

Lisa--yes, I worry about NOT seeing more than I DO see!

Mary--now I know why my dog's nose goes crazy when he goes out first thing in the morning--so much unseen scent left upon the grass!


Greeny--That's fine--I'm glad you're enjoying my discoveries.

Diane--I hadn't thought about that, but you're right--little spaced footsteps. Thanks for the award--I'll try to think on it and pass it on soon! You're always very kind with your compliments!

April--so much we'll never know--I guess that's what imagination is for!

Island--a belated Valentine to you, too. Glad you enjoyed our chill--isn't it wonderful to travel online!

Sandpiper--yes, all part of nature.

Monarch--I'm not too sure about the fox--wish I could have another chance at tracking him.