Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ice to water

Sandwiched between last week’s days of snow and the coming week’s promise of clouds sat a perfectly blue-skied day.
We drove an hour north, up the highway, while hawks sat on every occasional tree, wire and fencepost—sentinels watching this resting farmland and Big Darby Creek.

The dark, cold water runs swiftly, several inches below the ice--now capping only the rocks and rims of the creek.

In the finest lace--an image of the western sun

whose rays reveal the sandy shore.

The melting droplets hesitate--

unsure if they belong as ice
or water.

Click previous image to enlarge.
Ice sculptures formed beneath.

“The Darby Creek watershed is the healthiest and most diverse aquatic system of its size in the midwest. It is among the top five warm freshwater habitats in the nation. The Darby Creeks wind through a landscape that includes remnant prairies and savannas once part of a tallgrass prairie ecosystem. The quiet waters of Big and Little Darby harbor 103 species of fish and 38 species of mollusks.”
Excerpted from The Nature Conservancy

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kate said...

Hi Nina,

Those were great photographs. I love the contrast between the icy shores and the swift, flowing water.

The Darby Creek watershed must be wonderful to see ... it sounds as if it is quite extensive.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Nina.. your pictures show beauty.. but your words tell much more... I think you have a gift for writing I could easily have read a lot more.

I like the Header with the old wall... I have a few on show at the moment.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

OOooooo the ice pictures are lovely as is your presentation.

Sandpiper said...

Absolutely stunning! I love all the ice formations. Your words are so tranquil and poetic. It sounds like you live in a beautiful place.

mon@rch said...

amazing photos and I am shocked how quickly things can change due to weather!

Pellice said...

I experienced something similar today - I was out birding at a shallow reservoir and was a bit disappointed to find it half covered with a thin skim of ice. I visited some other areas, then returned to the main lake later in the afternoon, and was astonished to see how much of the ice had disappeared. Then, I realized I was watching it literally melt before my eyes, as distant tongues were still ice one moment, moving wavelets the next.

Mary said...

Wish I were with you. That's all I can say, except, you wow me every time.

Mad Man Bamboo said...

Beautiful, what a site that must have been. Thanks for sharing.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful photos and descriptive words... (Seems like I'm always writing something like that about your blog...)

Naturegirl said...

Nina I enjoyed this walk and look at your creek in is so peaceful. I love the blue cast on winter snow magical!
In your profile you said:"The natural world has so much beauty to uncover."
I agree with you and these images prove that! hugs NG

Dave Coulter said...

I saw your blog via Nature Lady's site. You must have had the same sunny day that we had here in Chicago? Keep up the good work!

Tom said...

Hi Nina,

Beautiful images of central Ohio. Did you go to Battelle Darby Metropark for your hike?


bobbie said...

Thank you for these beautiful pictures and your wonderful words. As always, your posts give me such pleasure.

robin andrea said...

You have an eye for beauty, nina. These photos are so vivid, they brought a sense of what it was like to be there on Darby Creek with you.

nina said...

Kate--my impression was just the same--the cleanness of it all-bright white snow melting into darkness.

Wom--thanks, and I've checked your walls--much more kept than these here--ours have fallen into disrepair, few know or care to repair. Sad.

Lisa--I hadn't ever really looked UNDER the ice before--it was so intricate.

Sandpiper--his place took my breath away--so pristine and lovely.

Monarch--yes, last week it was peepers, this week ice (again)

pellice--you have an eye for detail few would have the patience to be rewarded.

Mary--just making the best of a day off--I'll be stuck inside for a long week!

Sean--thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the trip!

Jennifer--I'm tiring of snow--so looking forward to something a little more exciting--though i know you LOVE it!

NatureGirl--glad you enjoy--isn't it fun to find beauty where most don't take time to look?

Dave--Yes--and I'm sure sunny days are special to you, too!

Tom--That's it! I'm sure you know it well--my first visit, and I'll have to repeat it come spring!

Bobby--thanks, thoughts about these lovely places keep me going through the week!

Robin Andrea--I'm afraid it's twice as pretty as the photos--beautiful places aren't ever captured well!

Chris said...

Beautiful lake and ice pictures! I love the dark blues in contrast to the bright whites, great job!

Julie Zickefoose said...

What a fine iceperch in that last photo. Gorgeous moody shots and prosetry. Nice to know we have such an important ecosystem in our fair state.

nina said...

Chris--The whole day seemed to demonstrate contrasts--from sunshine on snow to dark deep waters, still to rushing currents.--It was very interesting to see the transitions.

Julie--As much as we get out and about, it amazes me that, after the length of time we've been here, there's always another beautiful new place to explore!
The fact that this is such a jewel is remarkable!

greeny said...

Ah, I can almost imagine myself standing in that scene of the last photo. So lovely and serene. I would feel so grateful to be in that scene breathing it all in.

I'm glad I can live vicariously through you, nina!

Travis said...

Nina-The beauty you capture is amazing. I can't stop looking at you photos. Great work!