Friday, February 1, 2008

Photographic Interlude, A Sidewalk Going Nowhere

The photos that complement A Sidewalk Going Nowhere show the 1835 house, a work in progress.

Fields on the hill, with barn behind and house top far left

House in spring, addition behind

Backdoor, brick being repointed

Chicken coop with pasture in front, summer

Wood trim, front door

Shutter dog and brick front

Old window glass

Fireplace trim and mantel

Fireplace trim and oak floor

Living room doorknob and lock

Bathroom doorknob and lock

Back stone slab steps

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Sandpiper said...

This is fantastic! I love this sort of property - private & peaceful, and your house is a treasure, too. Lots of character and history there. If only walls could talk! Those columns remind me of houses in Charleston, SC, where I lived for awhile. This is such a fun post!

mon@rch said...

Such a stylish old house!

Naturegirl said...

Nina how wonderful to meet you a fellow nature lover! Love the close up look of your home in the woods!

kate said...

These posts were interesting to read. I love your house. What an incredible and interesting history this house must have. There would have been many families before you who have seen the seasons change over and over again. The bathroom doorknob and lock is intriguing ... I have never seen anything like it before.

The oak fireplace mantel is impressive and inviting. I imagine you spend many an evening in front of the fireplace.

I hope you continue to write about your house. I love it!

Mary said...

Do you know about the previous families who lived there? Wouldn't it be interesting to imagine what they were like?

I love this. Your home is a cozy place, full of charm around every corner, I'm sure. It takes a lot of work to keep an old house, I know... But it's worth it. Your scenery is wonderful.

Marvin said...

Your home and surroundings are beautiful -- so much charm and character. I admire your courage for taking on an old house. We looked at several, but eventually chickened out and built a small, square box -- no charm whatsoever, but relatively low maintenance.

Dorothy said...

Nina, your land is so beautiful...and I love old houses.
Your photos show it's charm and character. Your house is blessed to have you as it's owner.
I hope you are able to solve the mystery visitor though. Maybe it's a ghost. :o)

Eco Enthusiast said...

You are doing a wonderful job restoring this beautiful old house. The grounds are great. Joan