Friday, February 15, 2008

Icy morn..the last

I recall pushing my girls out the back door on days like this.
Days that you know are short-lived.
Days that, even though we may long for a change from them, will be wished for at a later date.
The days you wish to remember--blue skies, perfect snowflakes and crisp air.

The sun is peeking in the open windows of the old barn.
The goats are warm inside, eating their breakfast of sweet grain and hay--the pasture low and beneath snow.

I walked around the fencing, following the tracks left in the light snow cover. The night must have been alive with rabbits, dancing in the moonlight.
Their tracks are everywhere--bounding across the open spaces, stepping into the woods.

They respect the fences.

These tracks do not--stepping right through, walking across, and out the other side.
Perhaps a fox? Dog-like, but not a bother to the goats--nothing young or weak.
A coyote would have been different--but the field fence is too small for him to pass through.

I knelt down in the barely-there snow.
And saved images of snowflakes for August's swelter.

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Beth said...

What perfect snow flakes!

greeny said...

Haha, what gogeous shots! And a good planner- taking snow photos for August.

Mary said...

I understand about "pushing the kids out the door". You just can't waste days like these when there is so much to see that you'll remember four months from now.

Beautiful snowflakes, Nina!

brucesc said...

I followed a link on Sandpiper's blog to your blog, Nina, and I just wanted to say that I enjoyed all your snow and ice pictures, but am glad I'm not in it. I really like your writing style--takes me right to the scene.

Weeping Sore said...

The snow crystals are magical. The footprints are mysterious. You manage to find such beauty everywhere you look. I particularly like how you observe the small details, like the light through the barn window.

Ruth said...

I hope your readers clicked on the photos to enlarge them. Such perfect macros of the snowflakes. After this winter, I don't think I will be thinking about snow in August!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Lovely post Nina. It was like we were out walking with you.

Sandpiper said...

Such beautiful pictures, Nina. Love the scenery and the atmosphere you create with your words as I look at them, and the snow crystals are gorgeous!

kate said...

The light coming through the barn window is beautiful. I love the idea of gathering up snow for August ...

I have many days stored in memory of bright sunshine making the snow twinkle.

T.R. said...

Nina, those photos are breathtaking - exquisite. You have such an eye for texture and geometry and pattern. You always make the natural world something akin to a fantastic art gallery with so much to behold to marvel to experience. It almost, just for a second, a fleeting one, did not want winter to leave just yet. Now that is a feat of magic!

nina said...

Beth--I love the detail in each one!

Greeny--yes, we'll wish for these days in a few months!

Mary--I hope you (and I) don't have a repeat of last summer's heat and drought!

Bruce--You're welcome to come by any time! I love visitors.

Sandpiper--I never tire of snow crystals--at least in pictures!

Kate--I think memories come more easily with a picture--don't you?

Weeping sore--it seems in the winter landscape, you're forced to look farther to find detail--everything is so barren.

Ruth--yes, you've had a rough winter--hope summer is kind.

Lisa--I'm sure you have much the same, weatherwise?

T.R.--I like your photos because they take me away from this every now and then--even beauty in snow can get cold!