Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My rural, southern education, part 1

I came across Momma in the grass behind the barn.

If I had to describe this place, the description would not be complete without mention of our snapping turtles. And every time I see one, up close and personal, I’m instantly reminded of an early adventure in our southern Ohio home, years ago. It was the beginning of my education.

Of course we immediately recognized their presence in the pond. What we didn’t recognize, until having a local excavating contractor come for an estimate of some repairs to our dam, was their potential as a food source. And apparently, we were quite envied to have such a fine “crop” paddling around in the muck!
Snapping Turtle Soup—I’d heard of it, but never had tried it. (And never really wanted to, until everyone’s interest in our turtles made me think I might be missing out on a great treat!)
We had offers to come trap them,
offers to come shoot them,
offers to come fish for them—
I began to realize we were sitting on a veritable gold mine! And, I began to be concerned that the word would get out…we had snappers!
I’m not what you would call a hunter-type. For the most part, I’m very content to shop for my dinner, unless, for instance, I cross paths with a wonderful something-edible. Something edible that I don’t have to kill, myself.
The fates were smiling on me that day in May, fifteen years ago. Returning from a shopping spree at Walmart, girls in school, the day to myself and my errands, I was first on the scene of a snapping turtle’s misfortunate meeting with a semi.
How much more perfect could this be? Fresh turtle, on my way home, the afternoon wide open—we’d have soup for dinner!

(to be continued, go to part 2)

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KGMom said...

OK--can't wait for the rest of this story.
My only up close encounter with a snapping turtle was when we first moved into our house, one fell in our window well. We used heavy duty garden gloves to lift it out.

cestoady said...

Some people have all the luck in finding a roadkill dinner !! And the fixings for fresh TURTLE SOUP at that--- not your usual snack. The suspense is killing me.

Mary said...

Ok, Nina. This story is has me thinking...

I've seen snappers a few times and I thought they must have weighed 10-15 pounds? Is my memory too wild?

Let's hear the rest of the story.