Saturday, June 2, 2007

Field Day!

Field Day was celebrated the field.

The committee had been preparing for this event all week--decorating and publicizing it widely.

Volunteers have been tidying up...

or setting up for the

or supervising cleaning crews.

Some attending were dressed in their finest.

Soon, it was packed, standing room only.

Crowd control had its hands full.

Reinforcements were called.

The day concluded with sparklers and fireworks.

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Q said...

I love each photo.
I am smitten.
Thank you,

Lynne said...

This post is so fun and creative!

What is that beautiful butterfly- do you know?

Mary Carlson said...

Looks like Lynne said it for me - how creative you were with your descriptions. Thanks for sharing.

MojoMan said...


I'm with Lynne. What is that beautiful butterfly?

nina said...

I'm having a hard time figuring out the butterfly. It looks like it will be a Papilionidae of some sort? But so many seem to have dark/bluish female versions, I can't really tell. Swallowtails have 4 tribes-- Look at them all!!

And, actually, the little brown guy on the flower above is pretty cool, too.

Susan Gets Native said...

Butterflies confound me. If one is called an "Orange" sulphur, why do they sometimes come in white, yellow or green????

Love the field day. Very clever.

cestoady said...


And why are they all there ? Maybe to hear Madam Butterfly .--Oh to be a lilliputian and join in the fun of Field Day.

Lynne said...

Nina- I got a little obsessed about you gorgeous butterfly and I think I found it-
Red-spotted Purple. What do you think? Really, that's the prettiest butterfly I've ever seen.

sorry-can't make the link work

nina said...

That's it! A red-spotted purple, Limenitis arthemis.
Thanks--and I like that site--I'm trying to figure out a dragonfly now--it's always something, isn't it??

Mary said...

Beautiful field day story, Nina! I'm glad you were able to ID that butterfly. That photo is excellent.

Dorothy said...

Hi Nina I've been catching up on your blogs, and this one is delightful!
I've seen that butterfly before, and I'm so glad you were able to ID him. Will save the links you and Lynne posted! That photo is beautiful (the others are too!)