Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Baby pictures!

A visit to the barn this morning--Phoebe was very unhappy with me.

Someone's snooping so close to her nest, had caused her to get her parental feathers ruffled. I assured her I meant no harm, and would not eat her children. Just wanted to capture those precious baby faces--her FIRST brood to make it this far! (3 tries)

She's chosen a safe spot this time--out of reach of four-legged prowlers--just above the lightbulb. Her previous nests have been raided. But she's a smart bird, and persistence has paid off. I hope she'll raise these fuzzy heads to be smart, too.

I think, from the amount of fullness, there are more than 2 nestlings here--although only 2 heads are obvious.

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Dorothy said...

What a joy to see these photos! I've been fascinated with phoebes since reading Julie Z's book.
And the barn window view reminds me of her latest painting.

Lynne said...

What beautiful bitty little things!

cestoady said...

Hurrah for the phoebes !! They are demonstrating one of the great lessons in life ---DO NOT GIVE UP.

Q said...

So sweet.
I have never seen the Phobes so watching yours is a real treat!
thanks so much.

KGMom said...

Wow--the lengths you go to to get such a great photo. No wonder Mama phoebe is upset with you--and her feathers are ruffled indeed!

RuthieJ said...

What a special treat right in your barn! I have never seen a phoebe that close and they certainly build a fabulous little nest. I hope the little family continues to grow and thrive.

Mary said...

Oh, Nina, you are so lucky. My first thought was how much the phoebe reminds me of Julie Z's painting... These are so lovely!

Cathy said...

Oh my gosh. Precious - these little primitive bundles. You are so blessed to live close to so many of nature's pulses.

Rebecca Clayton said...

I see you got your phoebe photos, without too much muss or fuss. Our phoebes built their nest in a high traffic area, and just ignored us when we took pictures, or did anything else.