Thursday, June 14, 2007


Sometimes I feel I live 2 separate lives.
There's my home life and everything included in my time there. And there's my work life--which, especially in summertime, keeps me busy enough away from my home, that I feel a little disconnected from it, and everything going on around it.
This is especially frustrating when I find bits and pieces of goings on that I can't figure out. I see a little now....a little later. And the next day, it's the same thing. A little more, but so much of what went on in the middle, I missed. It feels like a fill-in-the-blank story, with a write-your-own ending. I'm left with questions.

There are odd marks around the pond. I never see anything make these marks, but there are quite a few.
Some are quite large! Pond monsters?

They weren't here before--now they are!
Daytime? Nighttime? Who knows! (I have a guess, but feel free to help out)

And where'd this little barn swallow come from?

My guess is a nest in the barn, but he can't seem to fly, or doesn't feel confident enough to show-off for me. Here he sits on a fence. How'd he get here?
I'm close enough to touch him. He just looks at me as I approach. Is he ok? Is no one concerned about him? (Except me.)
I took this picture yesterday. Today, he's gone. Did someone eat him?

And this NOISY nest. You'd think that with such a demanding, squawking, chirping creature growing inside it, I'd at least see SOMETHING?

A parent feeding it....the top of a head? (Oh yeah, that was probably while I was at work)

And the new hanging platform feeder we put up this weekend-- someone's FOUND it! The food was almost gone today! Who's sitting in the woods feeling very satisfied? Because the food was there yesterday, and now it's not!

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LauraHinNJ said...

I feel the same way, Nina - like I'm missing so much important stuff while my attention is elsewhere.

Those holes by your pond are very curious.

Mary said...

Nina, being away from home so much makes me feel the same - I miss a lot and try to catch up in the evenings.

Strange tracks/holes...Hmmmm.

Barn swallows are more trusting than others. Perhaps it was a very young one?

RuthieJ said...

Hi Nina,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to find out what those little round tracks are by your's not a turtle, is it? I've never seen anything like it.

nina said...

Actually, Yes! I think they are turtle tracks! (have never seen turtles making them) There must have been a mass egg-laying expedition some time this last week. They all walked out of the water, leaving tracks in the mud.
I've never seen anything like it!
The smaller sets may be painted turtles; the larger one, a snapping turtle?

Mary said...

It's turtle season! I should have thought of that! Visit again and show us what you see!

Q said...

Wow, how interesting, turtle tracts.
I am at home and every time I come inside I wonder what is going on out there!
I am sure all sorts of activity happens when I am not looking..

dguzman said...

I absolutely hate missing even a moment of what goes on in my backyard, much less on the marsh behind it, the creek behind the marsh, the fields behind the creek, the mountains behind the fields....

Work blows!