Tuesday, June 19, 2007

For just one day

Country roads, ditches brimming with day lilies--a summertime image I always look forward to.

I know most are not planted there--escapes from long ago that thrive in the worst of conditions. They fringe the farmers' fields, adding color to a landscape that otherwise would only consist of acres of soybeans and corn. And long furrows of dirt.
Without them, the roads would be no more than paved spaces between crops--intended solely for access, not enjoyment.
Each summer, the lilies race to beat the mowing crews. And many times I've anticipated their cheerful blooms, only to find them decapitated-- unopened buds tossed askew by an order to trim the roadsides.

I smile when I see they've made it this time.
And wonder if they know they have just one day to be beautiful.

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KGMom said...

It is a gorgeous sight when the lilies bloom. I love how they lift their proud heads and say--look at us!

Dorothy said...

Nina, I was just thinking this morning..how I'd love to rescue some from the side of the road and plant a few by my mailbox.
I love it when the daylilies are blooming.

Q said...

I do think it would be ever so nice if the shoulders of the roadways were left to nature!
I miss many of the native plants.
The daylilies say, "June" to me too.

Lynne said...

I grew up calling them "ditch lilies" here. I love them too- I look for them around the end of June.

Mary said...

They to provide decoration where needed and it's a shame they need cutting. But they're strong. I love day lilies.

cestoady said...

Although day lilies are now common roadside weeds, they have not lost any of their beauty as they reign queen for a day.

RuthieJ said...

Pretty roadside flowers. I had special signs made for my road ditch: "DO NOT MOW OR SPRAY" So far they've worked.