Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Let us give thanks.

Sometimes it's not what did happen that makes us thankful--
it's what could have, but did not. ~me

(Great Blue Heron?)

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Cathy said...

You are a hoot! What a lovely pattern that guano made. I'm so behind on my blogging. It's late, but I'm coming back tomorrow as a quick scroll down through your blog was enticing me to sit and visit. So keep the coffee pot on, I'll be back :0)

cestoady said...


Mary said...

Yes, I whine too much. Things could be worse and I'm thankful for it. Good "thinking" post, Nina :o)

nina said...

My first thought when I walked out to the pond was, "Good thing I didn't happen to be standing THERE!"

dguzman said...

Definitely lucky on that one. Just think--if you'd walked there just at the right time: plop!

Nice post!