Sunday, June 10, 2007


Roy G. Biv seems to be everywhere I look. Have you seen him in your world?

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Mary said...

Yes, he is all around.

I am extremely jealous of your male ruby-throated shot. Superb!

Your photos are exceptional, Nina. Keep them coming!

Cathy said...

What a lovely blog! And all this wonder bracketed by quotes from Whitman and Frost.

(I discovered you at wonderful 'Mary's View'.)

KGMom said...

Roy G. Biv is one of the first pneumonic devices my husband taught me. He has a whole bunch--he once taught biology, so I think they were from his classes.
Roy G. Biv is in my flower garden--I picked him purposefully.

KGMom said...

LOL at myself--that is mnemonic, pneumonic.
Oh the English language (and Greek derivatives).

Susan Gets Native said...

Roy G. Biv is my boyfriend.

: )