Saturday, June 30, 2007

Indulgent day

Three goals for this weekend:
1. read my book (I hardly ever bring a book home--this one I'm looking forward to: Annie Dillard's, The Maytrees.)
2. walk at Cincinnati Nature Center--it's not too far from home, but far enough that I have to plan to go there--it doesn't just happen.
3. stake out the mysterious bird that is calling from my very leafy woods.

I got an early start this morning-- headed over to CNC, The Cincinnati Nature Center, a reward for my busy week. I wanted to be able to linger and enjoy--and I did.

As early as I was, and with most others looking forward to sleeping "in" on Saturday, I had the trails to myself. Nothing but quiet woods and glossy lake views.
I left my camera in the car for my first circuit, Edge Trail--not really sure I wanted to be fussing with pictures, when I could just be basking. And, besides, what if I didn't see anything? So, no pictures for you of Orioles, Indigo Buntings, Common Yellow-throats or the most humongous snapping turtle I've ever seen. I wished I'd bought the turtle food they sell--he sure looked hungry, and would've been just as happy to take my hand off, if I'd offered it!
But I swung back for a water break before heading across to the fields and grabbed the camera, just in case--good thing.

The blackberries are loaded with fruit this year--and it looks like we're about 2-3 weeks ahead of usual for ripening. I'd grown up with raspberries in the northeast, but actually now prefer blackberries--luckily for me, they grow everywhere down here! The fruit is fleshier--but the plants are woody and thornier--beware! (Oh, and watch out for snakes, too!)

At first I thought I'd found an owl perch, this trunk looked so whitewashed.

But it's dried pitch--woodpeckers have been very busy.

And the perfect ending to the perfect morning...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I left the Maytrees on page 61.

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Mary said...

Nina! After seeing these photos, I urge you to keep that camera with you at all times! There are days when I walk my trails without a camera and regret it. The best photo opportunities present themselves during those times (of course). However, without the camera and cell phone, the feeling of complete freedom is quite nice and needed sometimes.

The last photo you posted is lovely.

Body Soul Spirit said...

I just found a large patch of blackberries growing wild by the river on Friday. I was planning on going with a basket tomorrow. I will take a stick too, in case I need to gently encourage a snake to move. Yikes...I have only seen garter snakes on the ground and would be startled to see one in a bush.

LauraHinNJ said...

I haven't developed a taste for blackberries yet, and that snake does little to entice me!

Lovely pics - enjoy your book!

cestoady said...

What a glorious picture of twin baby deer !!! -- a fitting visual coda to a perfect morning of wild blackberries, a snake and weeping pines.

KGMom said...

A second blogger reading The Maytrees--Cathy at Looking Up wrote about it earlier.
OK--that does it; I will have to buy it!
Love your deer photo.

Jennifer said...

Oh those fawns are soooo adorable!

possumlady said...

Oh a day to just read and walk and soak up nature. What a blissful Sunday. I've found blackberries growing in my side and back yard! I let out an audible "Ahhhh" when I saw the two fawn.

Cathy said...

Precious, precious picture of the fawns. Yes, a perfect morning.
(I'm a little nervous about your reading selection - hope it's going OK :0)

nina said...

BTW--my book is wonderful--such a descriptive writer, she paints with words.

RuthieJ said...

That fawn picture is beautiful. Sounds like a good weekend!